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Signaworks has several series of LED Andon Tower Lights and provides technical and application support to help choose the right tower light or stack light for your industrial or lean manufacturing application.

Model Types

 USB56LB USB LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with Buzzer 
 USB56LS USB LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with 5 Warning Sounds
 USB56LM USB LED Tower Light, Pole Mount with 5 Melodies


  • Connects directly to USB port of PC to control LED tower light
  • Powers directly from USB port, no external power required
  • Pre-wired, pre-assembled, 68 in. USB cable, pole, nuts & right angle bracket
  • Supports USB 1.1 or higher (2.0, etc.)
  • Bright LED bulbs with long life LED technology
  • Audible option for buzzer, 5 alarms and 5 melodies, 85dB at 1meter
  • Program provided to control tower light on desktop via mouse
  • PC developer library for customer to write program for visual basic and others
  • More than 3 outputs on at a time may dim the lights or audible

Accessories & Options

  • Ground mount version USB56LG has bolts and no pole 
  • Adjustable cubicle mounting bracket (NT-190)
  • Bases: Default Right angle (NT-500), Flange (NT-550) optional, Wall Mount (NT-560) optional

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(WM) - Warning Melody - (Standard Product)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Sweet Home 
Ch. 2 For Elise 
Ch. 3 Cuckoo's Waltz 
Ch. 4 Piano Sonata 
Ch. 5 Turkish March           

(WS) - Warning Sounds (Special Order, non-stock item)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Fire.A-ANG
Ch. 2 Abandon Alarm 
Ch. 3 Machinery Fault 
Ch. 4 High Expansion
Ch. 5 7 Short PI. / 1 Long  

(WA) - Warning Alarm  (Special Order, non-stock item)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Beep. intermittent
Ch. 2 Door Chime 
Ch. 3 Phone Ring
Ch. 4 PI.PI.PI. Short
Ch. 5 Tripping Beat            


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