Loading Dock Bays

We will work with you to create a custom dock seal solution for your specific bay. Special dock seals are required to accommodate different slopes and sizes of trailers, so we offer this helpful guide to help you walk through measuring your dock bay and entry slope.

Send it back to us and we will suggest sizes for seal products. This will help you find the product you need and reduce confusion in the purchase process. 


When finished, email it back here for a free quote.


Dock Seal Construction

  • Hardwood frame
  • High density foam bonded to wood backer
  • Ventilation pockets to let air escape when compressed, and refill quickly when decompressed
  • Brackets for mounting to door
  • Yellow guide stripes to help direct drivers to the correct position

A well-fitting seal is important for keeping rain, dust, and insects out of your facility. An ill-fitting seal will increase heating and cooling costs, as well as allow rain, insects, or dust to enter your facility. 


Loading Dock Measurements

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