SWT3 Wall Mount 3 Colors in 1

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The SWT3 Wall Mount LED Tower Light is a compact surface mount andon light option. Illuminates in red, amber, and green. It is available in tan and chrome body color. The SWT is available in 12, 24 VDC and 110 VAC.


  • Low profile wall mount easily attaches to walls and minimizes damage 
  • Available in tan (beige) or chrome finish T = Tan C = Chrome
  • Bright LED with a wide viewing angle 
  • LED fills double cut prism lens with diffusion filter 
  • Standard colors:
    • 2-Color: Red, Green
    • 3-Color: Red, Amber, Green
    • Available: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White
  • SWT3 has optional full clear lens with 3 color backlit LEDs, Red, Amber, Green Only
  • Optional Built-in Buzzer: 85dB 
  • CE Approved: IP54

Model Types

 SWT-T  Continuous and Beige
 SWT-C  Continuous and Chrome
 SWTF-T  Continuous and Flashing Beige
 SWTF-C  Continuous and Flashing Chrome
 SWTZ-T  Continuous and Flashing Beige with audible alarm (85dB at 1M)
 SWTZ-C  Continuous and Flashing Chrome with audible alarm (85dB at 1M)
 SWTZ3-T  Continuous and Flashing 3 colors in 1 lens Beige
 SWTZ3-C  Continuous and Flashing 3 colors in 1 lens Chrome


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 Rated Voltage  Current  
 12V AC/DC   0.210A
 24V AC/DC   0.210A 
 110V AC  0.258A 
 220V AC  0.129A

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