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Signaworks has several series of LED Andon Tower Lights and provides technical and application support to help choose the right tower light or stack light for your industrial or lean manufacturing application.

Model Types

STL  Continuous LED light 
STLB  Continuous LED light with audible alarm (83dB at 1M)
STLF   Continuous and flashing LED light
STLZ   Continuous and flashing LED light with audible alarm (83dB at 1M)


  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled with 300mm pole, nuts and right angle bracket (NT100)
  • 24 LEDs per red & amber sections and 18 Large LEDs per green, blue & white
  • Lenses are heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin
  • Prism-cut, 12-sided lens design provides superior light diffusion
  • Continuous and flashing (80FPM) functions in STLF and STLZ models
  • IP20 rated (Dust resistant)
  • All models are CE compliant
  • Standard color sequence: 1: red, 2: red-green, 3: red-amber-green, 4: red-amber-green-blue, 5: red-amber-green-blue-white

Accessories & Options

  • Custom pole lengths to 1 meter (STS-1M)
  • Flange-mount base for pole (NT-151)
  • Rotating 180 degree base for pole (NT-170)
  • Custom lens color sequence
  • Flange-mounted base model available (STLR)

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12V AC/DC  80 mA 
 24V AC/DC 40 mA 
110V AC 20 mA 
220V AC 20 mA 

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