Standard Dock Bumpers

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Great for facilities with heavy dock traffic, these recycled dock pads will protect against accidents, wear and tear, and any impact from trucks, forklifts, and other loading devices. 

  • Withstand years of punishment and provide greatest protection even with consistent pounding and abuse.
  • Shown to absorb over 80% of impact
  • Ultimate protection from fabric reinforced rubber pads 
  • Pads made from recycled bias-ply bus and truck tires
  • Woven on steel rods 
  • Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1500 pounds 
  • Anchor bolts protected by at least 3" of rubber to prevent damage
  • Performs on any truck dock under any weather condition or prolong exposure

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Models in this series include: B4506-14, B4506-14-P1, B4506-24, B4506-24-P1, B4506-36, B4506-36-P1, B4510-12, B4510-12-P1, B4510-14, B4510-14-P1, B4510-18, B4510-18-P1, B4510-24, B4510-24-P1, B4510-36, B4510-36-P1, B4512-12, B4512-12-P1, B4512-14, B4512-14-P1, B4512-18, B4512-18-P1, B4512-24, B4512-24-P1, B4512-36, B4512-36-P1, B4520-11, B4520-11-P1, B4524-11, B4524-11-P1, B4536-11, B4536-11-P1, B610-12, B610-12-P1, B610-14, B610-14-P1, B610-18, B610-18-P1, B610-24, B610-24-P1, B610-36, B610-36-P1, B612-12, B612-12-P1, B612-14, B612-14-P1, B612-18, B612-18-P1, B612-24, B612-24-P1, B612-36, B612-36-P1, B620-11, B620-11-P1, B624-11, B624-11-P1, B636-11, B636-11-P1

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