Ratchet Trailer Jack

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Trailer Stabilizing Jacks are used to prevent up-ending of semi-trailers when they are not connected to a tractor during loading and unloading operations. Also used to level trailers parked on sloped ground and to prevent landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. High strength steel construction. Flush-type zerk fitting for lubricating ACME screw. Meets OSHA regulations when used with wheel chocks. Yellow powder coat finish for added toughness. Includes reflective collar for visibility at night.

The color of handles included with models may vary between red and black.

Allow for a 2 day lead time on this product.

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Model Static Capacity Lifting Capacity Service Range Wheel Size & Type

Lead Time

LO-J 100,000 40,000 39" to 51" 10" hard rubber N/A
LO-J-100 100,000 50,000 39" to 51" 10" hard rubber N/A
LO-J-125 125,000 50,000 39" to 51" 10" hard rubber 1 Week
HI-J 100,000 40,000 45" to 57" 10" hard rubber 1 Week
HI-J-100 100,000 50,000 45" to 57" 10" hard rubber 4 Weeks

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