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This restraint system keeps trailers locked into place at the dock, so that there the forklift driver can be kept safe driving from the bay to the truck. 


As the trailer backs into position, the Rig contacts the spring loaded structural steel housing which rides down in its track, allowing the RIG to move over the top of the housing. The dock attendant pushes the RESTRAIN button which activates the hook to secure the trailer to the dock that can withstand a pullout force in excess of 38,000 pounds. The Lock & Load™ restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with trailer float motion to ensure proper engagement at all times. After servicing is complete, the dock attendant pushes the RELEASE button. In the event a trailer’s RIG is missing or damaged, the Lock & Load™ will communicate a fault condition. An audible alarm and flashing red light alerts the operator that the trailer has not been properly secured. The operator may secure the trailer by other means then override the fault condition. The communication system automatically adjusts to reflect the current operational mode.


The rotating hook barrier is machined from 1 1/4 inches thick A514 Grade B steel plate and driven with a 1 1/4 inches diameter shaft made from cold rolled 1018 steel. The carriage side plates are constructed from abrasion resistant steel for maximum wear resistance from the rubbing of RIG on trailers. The carriage axles are made from 1 1/4 inches diameter cold rolled 1045 steel and the carriage rollers machined from 2 5/16 inches diameter cold rolled 1045 steel. The roller track is formed out of ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel into a 6 3/8 × 3 inches channel with 7/8-inch flanges. The roller track is attached to the dock face with fifteen (15) 5/8 × 4 inches long heavy duty sleeve anchors.


All operator controls are mounted in a control panel which is fully operational at all times. Specially engineered electric motor and limit switches are enclosed in a structural steel housing. Electrical components and wiring are UL listed or recognized. Lock & Load™ requires a power source of 110/115 volt single-phase with a 15 amp service circuit.

NOTE:  All electrical (including hookups) is the responsibility of others.

Communication System

Outside: Constant flashing red or green LED lights with signs instruct the truck driver when it is safe to back into or pull away from the loading dock.

Inside: Constant flashing red or green LED lights with signs inform the dock attendant when it is safe to perform loading/unloading operations.

Audible Alarm: In addition to the flashing red light, inside alarm warns the dock attendant when a RIG has not been properly engaged.

Horn Override: Authorized personnel have the ability to override the audible alarm. When the audible alarm is in override, the inside red and green lights continue to flash simultaneously while the outside light flashes red and the audible alarm is silenced.

LED Lights: Standard LED lights provide long life and reduced electrical power consumption.

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