Dock Entry/Exit Light & Sign Kit

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This kit includes 2 Signaworks 4" Diameter Stop-Go Dock Lights, a 12"x18" "Depart On Green Only" Aluminum Sign, and a 9"x12" "Enter On Green Only" Plastic Sign. 

By default the product comes with a switch on the (inside) light that controls both lights' alternating signals. When a truck is parked securely in the loading dock, the (inside) light is turned green. This indicates to the forklift driver that it is safe to enter the trailer. When the green light is on inside the building, the outside light is red, indicating that the truck should not move. Once the truck is unloaded, the inside light is turned to red. This tells the forklift driver to stay away from the truck. Simultaneously, the outside light is turned green, indicating it is now safe for the truck to pull away.

The lights work in tandem with both signs to further communicate entry and exit with the lights. 


  • Provides immediate and recognizable direction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and error
  • Can be used in any environment to clean up traffic and reduce injury or damage
  • High Visibility LED Lights 
  • IP 55 Rated, waterproof housing
  • Moisture and dust tight multi-layer seal protecting lenses from the elements
  • Wireless functionality available (this can be added on but does not come with the product by default)
  • CE compliant
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Mounting Brackets Included

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